Tuesday, 10 February 2015

‘Social Media on Mobile Vs Web – How has it impacted your life?

Connecting with convenience.Its a statement for how we all have access to life changing aspects in our hand, in our mobile.
Invented for communication, used for questioning the injustice now.Mobile data has not changed the way we live, but has impacted the way we think, and react to the events around us the moment we hear the beep, wherever we are.
A year and half ago, a girl was molested in a sleeper bus from her way to Chennai from Hyderabad.She trashed the guy, took his pictures on her mobile and posted on Facebook along with his phone number that she got from the Travels.What a way to shame a guy without stepping down from the vehicle!
Among the groups, a set of girls who were shunned by the society with no fault of theirs have found a powerful stage to shout it out.They are all victims of acid attacks.They bust the myth of "She is responsible for this attack" by speaking on their Facebook page.Now they are the Sheroes.I adore them on the go from my humble mobile phone which turned from smart to semi smart after withstanding numerous attacks by my toddler.Still worth showing off as a token of motherhood memories.

Earlier there was a notion that a woman or man tend to disconnect from all of their friends after tying the knot, not anymore! We formed our Whatsapp group, managed to trace all our college and school friends, exchange jokes and trivia over a cuppa chai just like the good old times.
An honest confession here, though it may seem funny.There are lesser disagreements among the couples.Both have managed to squeeze their "my time" on their mobiles.We feel less lost after marriage.This is the best thing about smartphones.Happy families build a happy nation.

Now we have a perfectly open platform to type our opinions and ideas on any unfortunate crime.This way we can unburden the guilt of being silent at a sin, and credit ourselves for listening to that still small voice of ours.Souls are smiling with satisfaction, blessing the tabs, mobiles and founders of social networks!

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 “I am participating in the #SMWBangalore activity at BlogAdda in association with Social Media Week Bangalore

Monday, 9 February 2015

Season or reason?Shopping smart !

Hope all had a great weekend.Some relax, some roam around. Everyone has a different definition of enjoying.That extends to many spheres.Many excitedly purchase stuff as it is in vogue or because everyone is wearing them.After two or more appearances that item lies sad in our cupboard, leading a lonely existence.This is especially true in case of sarees, and sherwanis.Our wedding ones..real nightmares!A well known socialite wore a gown in her wedding celebrations which has to be kept only in a flat position during transportation!Even the rich have to take care of those bulky, delicate stuff of the Big day.

Well, I have a 12-year old halter neck grey shimmery top which I recently teamed with cotton printed trousers and it was great.
I had my cousin's denim ghagra which when paired with a black top looked so nice.It lasted really long.
While shopping, go for pieces which are trendy, but could be teamed with anything in future after the trend gives way to something better.Never discard a good quality denim.I wore a 2008 pair till 2014, and as it faded it looked so good.
Moreover, there is no harm in not looking at the trends.Not knowing whats trendy keeps your funky, individual style alive.
I share with you some ideas to make those stunning pieces you got long ago more usable.
Men have trouble wearing sherwanis.Come on guys.It is really refreshing to see a guy in traditional attire.Go for a new matching dhoti pant in a bright colour and wear the shimmery wedding kurta over it.Have you tried wearing cufflinks with some traditional stuff?
If you have an old Green Kanchivaram saree, just make sure you put on blood red lipstick suited to your skin tone.Voila!
Creative gals are stitching their wedding sarees into Punjabi suits and Lehengas in contemporary style.
Some sarees can be stitched into Kurtas paired with good quality leggings.
Denim pants and shirts can be made into shrugs.
Kindly take help of a good tailor who can understand your enthusiasm.
Designer Ritu Beri started her own line at the age of 20.She hails from an army background.She is a rebellious girl who instilled it in her designs."Who said that this particular blazer should have only four buttons?I will make it three or six."
These different and unique thoughts made her famous.
I know women who pair great earrings with old fashioned clothes which surely makes a difference.Add a pair of  stylish wedges to a non anarkali normal churidar and see the change.(Sea change!)
We must also know that once people see how we feel about ourselves, they hardly pay any attention to how expensive our dress and accessories are.
I completely support donating of clothes.However these are ways to hold on to those things from our loved ones, our greatest days.For a little longer.
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Friday, 6 February 2015

Fashion defines you, or you define fashion?

A 5 feet ten inch model walks on the ramp with a dress which has some 50 patches and 60 slits on it and is limited to her thighs.This is a regular scene at any fashion week.Her hair is some puzzling knot, make-up looks like she just cried in the wash room before walking on the ramp.
Now, are these top designers hell bent on making dresses for such tall models wearing some towering heels?
What makes a country fashionable?Is the Ramp Chic, Couture etc fancy fashion, wearable, affordable ?
Lets speak of our nation.Out of the teeming, ever increasing 1.2 billion people, hardly 50 crore are in a position to think of good clothing.
Well, just look around, and in the mirror..how many of us are above 5 feet 6 inches?How many are pencil thin, having concave stomachs, as if some intestines have been scooped out?
How many are comfortable wearing Sky high heels..is it even healthy in the first place to walk with your toes??
Is fashion only for the rich and famous?But they are very few in number.We, the middle class students, homemakers, working women, new dads, college guys, part time workers, start up founders..are in a large number.However we look, lets be our best today.We need not compete with the fair neighbor, or the tall colleague.
And the budget.Can we be comfortable in clothes which made us swipe our cards for half of our salary.or more than that?
Never go beyond your means and look good.It isn't worth the tension.Don't ever pester your parents to give money for great stuff.

I say the streets define fashion. Wearability defines fashion.
Health defines fashion.Our comfort defines fashion.
We define the fashion around us.Attitude defines us.
My sincere request to all is purchase what you love, and which suits you.Don't ever try to squeeze your feet into those shoes.Just wear them.If you cannot, it's not for you.
That dress in the cupboard which has been kept for special occasion when you lose two sizes.Why is it so important.?Exchange it with your cousin who fits in it.
Try running around in your favorite dress, or take a brisk walk.All of us don't travel in cars all the time..do we?
So today, divide your wardrobe.It really helps to edit our wardrobes once in a while.
Separate things as
What you wear if you have to walk a lot.
What you wear if you are just getting down the car to the mall and back.
What you wear if you are taking a kid with you and need to run behind him or her.
This applies to both men and women.
For men its more of casual and formal though.
Remember that your wife doesn't like to see you wearing formal shirts in malls.Please try to wear more casual, young and trendy stuff in colors when you are an outing.
Keep the less expensive ones for home wear however new they are.Or wear them out just once and keep as daily wear later.
Kindly share more tips you have in the comments box.
Thank you for reading.:-)

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Shoe shopping tips.

Hi all,
As a mom, I hardly get to go out and shop.The moment mom starts shopping, kids get cranky.
And men, I want to tell you an advantage of online shopping.I have recently heard a couple say.."Oh we spent all the month's salary on shopping today!"Too many temptations at one place!
Often in malls, the same stuff which is economically priced is quite high in quantity.I always see people wearing same stuff as the other.
Shoes, especially are over priced at malls, if they are trendy.I got most of my shoes online, and trust me , they are great!!Blue, red, black, beige, pink, I got all the colours in my size.
Please order an inexpensive pair first, using the size chart measure your feet, and decide if you wanna do it again.
Some people have differently shaped feet.Too wide, too narrow etc.Please avoid online shopping for shoes if you cannot fit in the shoes of your size bought online.
Better buy after you try!

For those who like online shopping for shoes, I did it at Jabong and Fashionandyou.
Bruno Manetti always offers shoes on discount on fashionandyou.They have all varieties.Budget is above 600 bucks.Very rarely, below that.
For a mom, who has to run behind a kid in the slippery surface of malls, stilettos and wedges are best avoided unless you are an expert. Flats like Ballerinas are in vogue now.Just got a Jodie Beige Ballerinas for myself, Great.
Nell is a great brand.Go for their colorful peep toes and ballerinas.I have got red and blue.Fantastic.

Men have great range of casual shoes starting from Rs.199 by Harry Hill.


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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Valentines day offers.

Hey Hey, Valentines Day here soon!!
This day has always been special for me.Valentine or not, I always dressed well for this occasion.

Well, Shopping Divas too decorated themselves to heart's content everywhere.Let's take advantage of this situation too even if you hate the V-day!
Fashion and you is offering heavy discount on gorgeous dresses and evening gowns.
Also, they have 24 hour dispatch today.
http://www.fashionandyou.com/product/listing/event/6087(for XS and M sizes dresses)
http://www.fashionandyou.com/product/listing/event/6079 (Evening Gowns)
http://www.fashionandyou.com/product/listing/event/6084 (For L and above)

Also, Steppings, the brand associated with high quality and low prices shoes will decorate your beautiful feet.I own two pairs of shoes by this brand, and trust me, they are worth what you spend.
Regarding shoes, please dont go for ugly stuff as they are coming cheap.

Whatever article you choose to purchase online, please go through th size chart.
A word of caution though..kindly check if there is a no return policy, as goods sold on heavy discounts will not be taken back at times.

Men, rejoice.There are many options for you too, and the link here leads to great shirts.Buy shirts from a reliable brand only, as a man's attire draws a lot of attention.


As these sales go on, another point to be noted is that do not purchase something which is coming too cheap.I have seen that they sell slightly damaged goods that way.We need not accept bad stuff even if its free.Purchase clothes above Rs.350 only.If you are looking for stuff to wear at home, only then, go below the said amount.
But surprisingly, the W brand kurtis and Spandana brand leggings I got at Myntra turned out to be so great that they are my special wear, got them at 300 and 199 bucks each.!I took a risk here.,just to check the quality on the Big discount sales they have.

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Set the trend..easy on your pocket.

Hey fashion crazy people!!
Im a hardcore middle class girl.Even if you give me a crore rupees now, I make sure that I spend it on my clothes in a most effective stingy way, and manage to get the best of it.
I know and experience homemakergiri, where we love to have something really desperate, but we have to think of those pending credit card bills on furniture, kids vaccines etc etc.So as a tribute to incomeless people like me, for all the hardwork you do, as a daughter, wife, and a mom, I decided to take a little time everyday and share with you the deals I come across.
My pick of the day will be Fashionandyou.com. Great deals today.Shoes are simply wow from Nell brand , good from Jodie.If there is a deal on Spykar, go for it.I got an awesome tunic for 400 there.
Myntra.com has 50% off from 8pm on wards.
I recently got a dress on Myntra for 300 from a brand called Meirs.Trust me, the prices tripled today.
Trustworthy small brands are 499, Style Quotient, and Meira. Don't miss deals on that.
More tomorrow.


Pick of the day on Myntra is Vero Moda trousers.

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