Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Why spend with an App? Earn with Spini!

Hi All,
Today I got an SMS from a known shopping App.
"Shanti, stop everything! Go Shop!
"One Plus One!"
"Shop as your kids sleep.Midnight Sale"!
So silly sometimes!
Their messages had so much enthusiasm, they could have people happily shop in the wee hours.
But then, as usual, I have a question. Isn't it too much?
I was wondering where to get money to shop for SO many apps on my phone.
One for food, two for fashion shopping, one for cabs, all of which I use to spend money.
One day I recieved a call from a gentleman, asking me to come down to his office, regarding an App they started recently.
I had as many questions as you guys have now, but I went to checkout anyway.
Then they introduced me Spini, a mobile App, which is the first of it's kind in India.
It actually helps people to monetize the information they have about their friends and family's requirements.
A homemaker can be a moneymaker.
A retired person can be financially independent.
A student can fund his shopping.
Our aim is to help everyone earn.
Please read about Spini at www.getspini.com
Spini is operating successfully at Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.Coming soon to other cities with your support.

Your personal stylist online (20dresses.com)

Hi All,

I guess some of us are tired of the usual offline and online shopping.
Many look for customised fitting, preferences etc.
But is there a website which can give what you want at an affordable price?
Check out


Once you register on the website, there is a simple quiz you take, based on which the best suited garments for you are displayed in a window called "My Showroom",
Also, your body type will be further analyzed, and the best fit will be recommended.
They suggest you jewellery based on the choice of your garments.
The testimonials prove that the happy customers are loving the notes and a gift sent to them!
A very innovativ concept chosen by a select few, and delivering loads of happiness!
I love it!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Vero Moda is a brand most of us love. Well-fitting, great quality.
As Snapdeal sale is on, I found these amazing, rarely seen outfits on the website.

Another beautiful dress which is very reasonably priced is this pink lace peplum dress. It is different from the usual peplum dresses at the waist. I love it! It is for those who are not comfortable wearing regular peplum dresses.

You can buy this by clicking on the Snapdeal ads below the post.
Pics Courtesy: Vero Moda Collection on Snapdeal.com.

For men, I love this shirt from United Colors of Benetton.

Pics Courtesy: UCB in Snapdeal.com
If it is this exact colour, it is great! Refreshing to see new shades.


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